From its founding Chevalier’s primary objective has been to innovate, develop and supply products that represent a clear departure from the prior art. For over 23 years, it has been designing innovative engineering solutions in the areas of Safety Critical Systems, Power Actuators and Control Electronics Systems.
Relying on its extensive expertise, Chevalier has excelled in entwining its large portfolio of worldwide patented innovations with the latest advances in science and engineering to produce products that are inarguably unique.
Chevalier Technology versus Current Technology
Independent Assessment Chevalier Single Motor, Multi-function, Electronic Latch “Universal Latch”
“Our analysis focused on assessing the Universal Latch by Chevalier against other automotive door latch mechanisms to determine whether it could be characterized as a significant technological advancement or an incremental improvement.”
“Our analysis comparing it to 15 other products confirmed that the Universal Latch offers a combination of best in class features and performance coupled with a simpler design at a lower cost.”
“…our analysis confirms that the Chevalier Latch is a significant advancement in the marketplace.”
Our Products in Action
Chevalier’s technology has been driven by four pivotal development principles.
These principles are clearly identifiable by examining the specifications of any of the Chevalier developments.
Irreducible Minimum
The principle of “Irreducible Minimum” plays a crucial role in Chevalier’s approach to design and development. Relying on this principle meant the final product could not be miniaturised further as so doing would result in compromises. The question that we faced was not only how to make the product smaller and lighter but how to maintain the known functionality and introduce new features and functions over and above the prior art.

The second principle adopted was to ensure the Chevalier products are always ahead of the prior art and in step with latest advancements in science and engineering. Recognising the impact data has on future developments, all of the Chevalier products are adapted with integrated Control Electronics (microcomputers) and made ready to respond in real time to any request and provide feedback on performance, environmental situations and position status conditions.
The third principle adopted was to ensure the Chevalier products are adapted with the means to respond to future demands and evolution. The Chevalier products are all adapted with the capability for reprogramming in situ without the need to have access to the product or disassemble any part of the vehicle. The products can be interrogated and reprogrammed remotely from anywhere on the planet and beyond.
The fourth principle is essential and complements the first. All of our developments are instigated after an extensive examination of the prior art with the aim of determining a clear path for viable technological advancement. Our research invariably culminates in patents of invention of significant commercial and environmental benefit.
New Technology
Chevalier introduces the first ever Single Motor, Electrical Release and Clinch Closure System for passenger vehicle front trunk or engine cover. This system is revolutionary new. It integrates control electronics, uses a single motor and introduces a considerable number of new features and functions.

Power Closure and Electrical Release System for Vehicle Front Trunk or Engine Cover
Our research has identified a significant shortfall in the prior art dedicated to securing the front trunk / engine cover of passenger cars. Chevalier set out to redress this shortfall and in February 2016, introduced to the market a much needed novel technology solution.
The system introduced by chevalier redefines the prior art and offers a significant reduction in size, weight and cost entwined with a level of safety and comfort never seen before. With this Chevalier innovation, it will no longer be a struggle to open or close the front trunk of a car. The front trunk can now open, close and clinch shut by the press of a button or on approach. Having to wrestle or touch the front trunk is now a thing of the past.
Current Technology
Our Technology in Action
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