At the forefront of Chevalier’s eco-mechatronic design strategy is ensuring sustainable developments at all stages from prototype to series production. Guided by the principle of “Irreducible Minimum”, Chevalier has been successful, through innovation and design; in pushing the boundaries of eco-technology to new levels by introducing unique product solutions that deliver the set objectives with certainty using only the absolute minimum of resources.
For more than two decades, Chevalier has been introducing eco-mechatronic systems that integrate the latest advances in technology and science using just a fraction of the resources conventionally required. At the same time, these systems have always exceeded the feature-function sets associated with the prior art by a sizeable leap.
Quantifying the Effect of the Chevalier Development – CO2 Emissions
The positive effect of the Chevalier Technological Advancement on the environment can be readily appreciated from the CO2 calculations made with respect to just two of the Chevalier products.
CO2 Calculations
  • Calculation 1 - Chevalier Single Motor Latch & CO2 Emission
  • Calculation 2 - Chevalier Multi Drive System & CO2 Emission
  • Calculation 3 - Chevalier Multi Drive System & Single Motor Latch CO2 Emission
  • Chevalier Multidrive - Aviation Fuel & CO2 Emissions
The positive effects on the environment of the advancements in
technology brought about by Chevalier’s innovations and design is
stark clear from the comparisons shown on this page.
Multi-function, Single Motor, Power Clinch
& Electrical Release Closure Systems
The Chevalier technology reduces the number of conventional devices in many applications to just one. It minimises the number of motors and actuators from many down to just one. At the same time, it expands the scope of functionality and adds revolutionary new features covering the spheres of safety, security and comfort.
Functions and Features that are conventionally delivered by as many as six discrete devices are replaced with just one.
For example, conventionally an automotive door closure system consists of the following devices:

  • One Power Clinch actuator with its associated cable harness, connector and fixing screws
  • One Electrical Release Actuator with its associated cable harness, connector and fixing screws
  • One Central Locking Actuator with its associated cable harness, connector and fixing screws
  • One Control Electronic Module with its associated cable harness, connectors and fixing screws
  • One Mechanical Latch with its associated Bowden cables and mounting screws
  • One or two, door status switches with their associated cable harness, connectors and fixing screws;
With the Chevalier technology, the above six devices can now be replaced by just a single compact device which is 100% recyclable. In addition, the Chevalier replacement is a small fraction in size, weight and cost of just one of the devices listed above.
The full magnitude of the technological advancements brought about by the Chevalier innovation can only be appreciated when taking into account the global impact of the other factors related to each device, such as:

  • Warehousing, packaging and transportation as well other logistics,
  • Materials, mining and forming which are processes required to make the subcomponents that make each device such as; motors, copper wires, plastic resins, metals, elastomers, dynamic links, screws, grease, surface protection, discrete electronic components, etc.
  • The making and assembly of subcomponents and final Line-fitment,
  • Energy consumption associated with each step of the above processes
The Chevalier Multi Drive Power Actuators use one single motor to supplant many. This technological advancement is particularly appreciated in today’s drive towards sustainable developments such as: eco-vehicles, weight and energy efficient products, unmanned vehicles and drones, etc.
An example of where the Chevalier Multi-drive can be used to salient advantage is in vehicle and aircraft electric seats. In such an application 3 to 12 sizable motors can be replaced with just one and yet deliver the exact same functionality with added new features.


High Performance - Compact Power Actuators
Chevalier provide a range of linear and rotary actuators that offer in a faction of the size, weight and power consumption many times the performance delivered by similar products. Thus, a Chevalier linear actuator weighing circa 80grams can drive a load of 600N which is 6 times that of any similar size actuator on the market today.
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