Chevalier is an Advanced Technology and Development Company.
From its founding Chevalier’s primary objective has been to innovate, develop and supply products that represent a clear departure from the prior art. For over 23 years, it has been designing innovative engineering solutions in the areas of Safety Critical Systems, Power Actuators and Control Electronics Systems. Relying on its extensive expertise, Chevalier has excelled in entwining its large portfolio of worldwide patented innovations with the latest advances in science and engineering to produce products that are inarguably unique.
Chevalier’s patented products bring comfort and eco-technology to spheres of applications previously considered unreachable and offer unparalleled solutions that deliver considerable cost savings, weight reduction and energy efficiency. The specific advantages of Chevalier’s unique safety critical systems and power actuators make them ideal for use in all types of vehicles and in particular those sustainably developed.
Chevalier offer unique power actuators with integrated control electronics designed to fit in the most constrained of spaces. These are designed to function autonomously and can be controlled or reprogrammed in situ or remotely. In particular, these actuators provide ideal solutions for applications in unmanned vehicles, drones, satellites and self-directed or driven systems where weight, size and energy consumption are always considered critical.
Chevalier’s unique power actuators and safety critical systems are designed to provide comfort and utility across a wide range of applications from the cabin to the engine room. Due the integration of a high level of electronic intelligence, the Chevalier actuators enable unprecedented level of autonomy and reliability.
At the forefront of Chevalier’s product design strategy is ensuring sustainable developments at all stages from prototype to series production.
Guided by the principle of “Irreducible Minimum”, Chevalier has been successful, through innovation and design, in pushing the boundaries of technology to new levels by introducing unique product solutions that meet our environmental challenges. Chevalier’s approach has been to produce efficient designs that deliver the set objectives with certainty using only the absolute minimum of resources. Chevalier has been introducing complex electromechanical systems integrated with innovative technologies decades ahead of the competition. These systems have always exceeded the feature-function sets associated with the prior art by a sizeable leap.
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