Power Actuators


The Chevalier power actuator are integrated with Control Electronics. The ratio of size and weight to performance of these actuators is unparalled.
Compact Rotary Actuators
Our Rotary Actuators are all Integrated with Control Electronics and used to power countless applications including our own clinch mechanisms. They are built to work in extreme environmental conditions and temperatures from -40 to +120 deg.C
Linear Actuators
Our Linear Actuators are constructed for high performance and can be adapted with dynamic links to drive applications in the most constraint of places. They pack massive power; up to 600N in a design weighing circa 80 grams.
Kick Drive Actuators
Chevalier’s patented Kick Drive actuators are capable of imparting a force hundreds of times greater than the driving source. This Mechanism is used in many of the Chevalier Products including the Single Motor Multi-function latch. The basic reasoning behind the Kick Drive stems from the simple question: why use a large actuator if it is only required to drive the initial inertia of an application. With the Kick Drive the inertia can be driven by means of the Kick Drive and from that point on a small motor will be more than adequate to deliver the intended functionality.
Power Actuators
Multiple Output Actuators
Dual Drive Actuators
Multiple Drive Actuators
The Chevalier Multi Drive Power Actuators use one single motor to supplant many. This technological advancement is particularly appreciated in today's drive towards sustainable developments such as: eco-vehicles, weight and energy efficient products, unmanned vehicles and drones etc...
An Example of where the Chevalier Multi-drive can be used to salient advantage is in vehicle and aircraft electric seats. In such an application 3 to 12 sizeable motors can be replaced with just one and yet deliver the exact same functionality with added new features.

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