Safety Critical Systems
Chevalier supplies innovative complete Closure Systems that are unmatched in their features and functions anywhere in the world. They are designed to fit any type of door and offer safety and security combined with ultimate comfort where none was deemed possible.
Vehicle Side Door Closure Systems
This latch is suitable for swing, dihedral, gullwing type doors. It is offered as standalone or as part of our comprehensive closure system. Due to its compactness and small size, it can fit in the B-pillar of passenger cars. It is a single motor self-contained latch offering features and functions many of which are not seen before.
Bonnet / Engine Cover Closure Systems
Compact & Lightweight Power Clinch and Electrical Release Latches . These latches are offered as standalone or as part of our comprehensive closure system. They are used for deck lid, front trunk, engine cover / bonnet and side doors.
Front Trunk Closure Systems
This particular Chevalier Front Trunk (Engine Cover) closure system is the first of its kind anywhere in the world. It is revolutionary new and relies on a single motor adapted in compact design that offers features and functions the likes of some of which has never been seen before.

Safety Critical Systems
Our Products in Action
Safety Critical Systems
Chevalier’s Electronic Locks are extremely compact and integrated with Control Electronics. They are driven by a single motor and adapted with our patented Kick Drive Mechanism.
Steering Column / Rack
Despite its simplicity and small size, this device offers unparalled safety. It is integrated with safety redundancy both electronically and mechanically.

Parking Brakes
Our parking brakes share the same criteria as our Electronic Steering Column Lock and adapted with its automatic double safety feature.
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